Roof Wind Deflector Spring

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The Roof Wind Deflector Spring (#63225-AA020), a crucial part in Toyota's Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system, plays a vital role in maintaining vehicle aerodynamics. This spring exerts a force that helps the wind deflector remain in position when the vehicle is in motion, reducing wind noise and enhancing fuel efficiency. Carefully designed for compatibility, these genuine Toyota parts are backed by the company's parts warranty. Over time, these springs can wear out and lose their elasticity, leading to a less effective wind deflector. This could potentially impact the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and create increased wind noise inside the cabin. Thus, periodic replacement is important. In conclusion, the Roof Wind Deflector Spring (#63225-AA020) is a small part but significantly contributes to the overall comfort, efficiency, and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63225-AA020

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