Parking Lock Rod Sub-Assembly

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The Parking Lock Rod Sub-Assembly (#35501-WB001), a critical Drive-Chassis part within the Throttle Link & Valve Lever (Atm) system, plays a primary role in ensuring your vehicle stays stationary when parked. This assembly engages the parking lock within the transmission, preventing the vehicle from rolling away unintentionally. Over time, this part can experience wear and tear, which could potentially result in the vehicle not staying securely parked. If the Parking Lock Rod Sub-Assembly (#35501-WB001) becomes clogged, old, or broken, it may fail to engage the parking lock, posing a safety risk. To prevent such situations, consider periodic replacement of this part. Remember, using genuine parts from Toyota not only promotes vehicle compatibility but also comes backed with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Finally, the Parking Lock Rod Sub-Assembly (#35501-WB001) contributes to vehicle safety and operation efficiency, making it an indispensable component within its system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35501-WB001

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