Roof Panel Support Retainer

About this product

The Roof Panel Support Retainer (#63155-35010), a crucial part of Toyota's Roof Panel & Back Panel system, is instrumental in maintaining the stability and structure of the roof panel. This part secures the roof panel to the vehicle's frame, ensuring structural integrity while the vehicle is in motion. The retainer works by gripping the roof panel and affixing it firmly to the car, preventing any unwanted movements or vibrations. However, over time, the retainer may wear down or become damaged, reducing its effectiveness and potentially compromising the roof panel's stability. In the worst-case scenario, a faulty retainer could lead to the roof panel becoming detached, creating a significant safety risk. To prevent such an issue, it is recommended to replace the Roof Panel Support Retainer (#63155-35010) periodically with a genuine Toyota part, which is designed for compatibility with your vehicle and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining a functional, genuine retainer, you are safeguarding the overall integrity of the roof panel system and, by extension, the safety of the vehicle's occupants.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63155-35010

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