Air Pump Assembly

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The Toyota Air Pump Assembly (#17610-0S030), an essential Engine-Fuel part, plays a pivotal role in the Manifold Air Injection System. It serves to inject fresh air into the exhaust stream, aiding in the reduction of harmful emissions produced by the vehicle. This part operates by drawing in ambient air, pressurizing it, and then injecting it into the exhaust stream where it helps burn off excess hydrocarbons. As with any other auto part, regular replacement of the air pump assembly is crucial. Over time, the part can become clogged or damaged, affecting its performance and potentially leading to increased emission levels. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the air pump assembly, come with a warranty and are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. In the grand scheme of things, the air pump assembly enhances the overall efficiency and environmental friendliness of your vehicle, underlining Toyota's commitment to a cleaner, greener future.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17610-0S030

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