Removable Roof Information Label #1

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The Removable Roof Information Label #1 (#63298-14010), a crucial body part in the Caution Plate (Exterior & Interior) system, gives essential data concerning the removable roof feature of your Toyota vehicle. Its fundamental role is to deliver accurate, comprehensible guidelines to users on how to operate the removable roof safely and efficiently. This label, being exposed to weather elements and repeated handling, may wear out or lose its legibility over time. A faded or missing label could lead to improper usage of the roof, potentially posing safety risks or causing unnecessary damage. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it periodically with genuine Toyota parts for optimal compatibility. Each genuine Toyota part, including this label, comes backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, affirming their quality and reliability. Ultimately, the Removable Roof Information Label #1 (#63298-14010) contributes towards the safety and proper functioning of the removable roof system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63298-14010

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