Sliding Roof Housing Sub-Assembly

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The Sliding Roof Housing Sub-Assembly (#63203-0C040) is a crucial part of the Roof Panel & Back Panel system in your Toyota vehicle. This component plays a pivotal role in controlling the movement and alignment of the sliding roof, allowing it to glide smoothly and safely for an open-air driving experience. Comprised of tracks, a motor, and a guide, the sub-assembly coordinates the retraction and extension of the roof. As these parts wear over time, it’s paramount to replace them regularly to prevent possible jams, malfunctions, or leaks. A damaged or non-functional sliding roof housing can disrupt operation, affect waterproofing, and impact the overall comfort and safety of the vehicle. By choosing genuine Toyota parts, vehicle compatibility is enhanced, and your investment is shielded by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Sliding Roof Housing Sub-Assembly (#63203-0C040) contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of your Toyota’s Roof Panel & Back Panel system, making each ride enjoyable and secure.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63203-0C040

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