Back Window Frame Sub-Assembly Upper

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The Back Window Frame Sub-Assembly Upper (#63105-0C100), a crucial Body part in the Roof Panel & Back Panel system, serves as the structural frame that holds the rear windshield in place. Highly functional, it maintains vehicle integrity and impacts safety by supporting the windshield, aiding visibility and providing rigidity to the vehicle's structure. However, if this part becomes old, damaged, or non-operational, the vehicle's structural integrity could be compromised, leading to potential safety risks and impaired visibility. A genuine and compatible Toyota part, the Back Window Frame Sub-Assembly Upper (#63105-0C100) is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, underscoring Toyota's commitment to quality and safety. In conclusion, this part significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of the system, and thus the overall performance of your Toyota vehicle. Consider periodic replacement to maintain optimal performance and safety levels.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63105-0C100

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