Door Armrest Cap

About this product

The Door Armrest Cap (#74223-35010-B0), a crucial component of the Front Door Panel & Glass system, primarily serves as a protective cover and aesthetic fixture. It shields the interior mechanisms of the door armrest while providing a pleasant touch to the vehicle's interior. Genuine Toyota Door Armrest Cap (#74223-35010-B0)s are specifically designed for vehicle compatibility, they fit snugly and effortlessly into the armrest section of the door panel. The replacement of this component is highly recommended when it becomes worn out, visibly damaged or non-functional. A broken or missing Door Armrest Cap (#74223-35010-B0) can expose the internal parts of the door panel to potential damage or dirt accumulation. Toyota's genuine Door Armrest Cap (#74223-35010-B0)s come with a warranty and their timely replacement helps maintain the condition and efficiency of the door panel system, thereby contributing to the overall safety and aesthetics of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74223-35010-B0
Color Name Dk.Gray

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